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Whereas some people like to slow down and take it easy in their golden years, Carroll Shelby has merged in to the fast lane and hit the gas pedal. With regular new GT500 designs, Nascar track sponsorships, special events, and most importantly, generous fundraisers for his personal charity, he holds a momentum equal to his early days on the race track.


Much like the famous performance cars that bear his name, Carroll Shelby doesn’t like to stay in “park.” After charging through a successful career as a race car driver and then as a designer of the Shelby Mustang series and the Shelby Cobra, among other high performance models, Carroll Shelby kicked into high gear with new ideas and passions. After beating his own serious health challenges, he launched the nonprofit Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation dedicated to helping youngsters who need organ transplants.

At the same time, Shelby renewed his historic relationship with the Ford Motor Company and, in 2008, introduced the hot, new GT500KR – quickly dubbed Ford’s most powerful production car in history. This partnership brings a high profile performance product to Ford and, in turn, the automotive company supports the work of the Children’s Foundation through charitable auctions and other activities.


The legendary Team Terlingua, born in the 1960s, has also not languished in time. The 2007 V-6 Terlingua Mustang burst onto the motorsports scene to high acclaim; and Shelby Automobiles is also sponsoring the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at the Las Vegas Speedway in March, 2009. In honor of Carroll Shelby, the event will be lengthened from the customary 420 miles to 427 miles. In partnership with the speedway, Shelby will market a limited edition Shelby 427 package for the GT500 Mustang.

The Carroll Shelby culture even has a new foothold off the traditional racetrack and into the hands of serious gamers with the latest Need for Speed video game. Competitors customize cars and race to dominate in speed and agility while “saving” a city. Shelby’s Terlingua appears in the game as a “secret car” – available only to players reaching a high skill level. Shelby also keeps his passion for great cars alive and accessible to the public. His Carroll Shelby American Museum in Boulder, Colorado, welcomes thousands of visitors each year and, near the Las Vegas Speedway, is yet another Carroll Shelby modern museum and themed café. The speedway is also the headquarters for Shelby Automobiles where research and development continue to produce more versions of Shelby favorites and updates to the icons of American performance cars.


At the same time, Carroll Shelby’s national fan base continues to flourish with regional clubs and online forums dedicated to both the man and his magnificent machines. Shelby enthusiasts are active in celebrating the iconic models such as the Shelby Cobra and his Mustangs. But, they are equally enthused about Carroll Shelby’s own can-do attitude and the excitement he generates around the Carroll Shelby name. Many of Shelby organizations participate in annual fundraising drives to support the cause closest to Shelby’s heart – the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation.


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