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It's easy, fun and informative to take part in a Shelby Forum. Because Carroll Shelby's automotive career has been extensive and productive, there are many great Forums that focus on a variety of topics. We've picked some of the best and most useful, and provided links for you.

Some forums are regional and put you in touch with a Shelby community in your geographic area. Others are great for chatting, asking questions, getting answers and taking part in a lively discussion. A Shelby Forum is a great way to find parts or swap collectibles, and for just getting to know folks who share a common interest with you. Carroll Shelby Merchandise is your portal to the wide, wild world of all-things Shelby.
Shelby Forums

Welcome to, the Shelby automotive community where Shelby owners and enthusiasts communicate from around the world. We've got the latest Shelby news, photos and more.

Team Shelby

The latest Shelby news & the social hot spot for all things Shelby. This Forum is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too.


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